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30th of August 2023

 ZDB presents Joanne Robertson 

Another tradition at the L Concerts, every year one night is the responsibility of the renowned Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon, in this edition they present Joanne Robertson, a British artist from the indie music who has been performing at the main venues across Europe.

Joanne Robertson is heard as a creation of fiction or a story to be revealed by a lost artist from another time who now arrives in the present. But it's all very real, Robertson belongs to the now and uses that existence as a spell to draw the listener in, fitting him into an enigmatic puzzle of voice and guitar creations.

The sensitivity of “Painting Stupid Girls”, an album released in 2020 on World Music, encapsulated the singer's genuineness and mystery in six songs, with the naturalness of the homemade sound and a DIY spirit that carries the delights of folk singers from the past, connecting Joni Mitchell to Sibylle Baier in an emotional way.

She has a gift for combining the field of reality with the stuff of dreams. She carries the ground for the dreamlike, and vice versa, moving folk tradition to the experimental/avant-garde, while expanding her voice to infinite time and spaces. The most recent album, Blue Car, released in 2023 by AD93, is another example of this.

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