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26th of July 2023

Tó Trips

 A new album by one of the most important  names in Portuguese music is always an event, we are talking about Tó Trips, a musician who has already accumulated almost four decades of guitar work with various formations and projects, with great emphasis on Dead Combo. After two solo albums, it is with great anticipation that we welcome the third solo album of originals, presenting himself with his new band. Tó Trips presents with António Quintino and Helena Espvall.

With foundations in the Amen Sacristi in the middle of the Rock Rendez-Vous era, he formed several bands during his journey, but it would be with the formation of Dead Combo, alongside the late Pedro Gonçalves, that he would become one of the symbols of Portuguese music.

In his solo debut - Guitarra 66 - Tó Trips had his first openly autobiographical feature. In 2015, he again released his second solo album through Mbari: 'Guitarra Makaka-Danças a um Deus Desconhecido'.

Arriving in 2023, with the soundtrack for 'Surdina' by Rodrigo Areias and the formation of Club Makumba, Tó Trips releases his third album through Revolve, the result of three years of hard work. Entitled 'Popular Jaguar', it takes inspiration from the animal, which moves in the shadow, to build small instrumental stories experienced by its author, in what is his most autobiographical work and the first to be released after Dead Combo.

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