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19th of August 2023


Since the beginning the  L Concerts have always presented the modern Africa of Portuguese-speaking countries, this year we are pleased to present one of the names of the moment from the island of Santiago, Kady. An artist that presents a modern Cape Verde with collaborations with names like Dino D'Santiago and Kalaf Espalanga, having even competed in the song festival in 2020. 'Tempu' and 'Djuntu' set the pace for this new phase of KADY and set the tone of what's to come.

Kady was born and raised on the island of Santiago, in the city of Praia, surrounded by music and great women who defined and shaped her personality. Daughter of Terezinha Araújo, founder and lead singer of the Simentera group, she grew up alongside prominent figures in traditional Cape Verdean music. independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

In 2015, she released her first solo album, “Kaminho”, by BRODA MUSIC and made Lisbon the base city of her artistic career. In 2020, she received an invitation to participate in the Festival da Canção edition to interpret the theme “Diz Só” by singer-songwriter Dino d'Santiago and composer Kalaf Epalanga. In November 2022 she launches her new musical project "Lumenara".

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