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16th of September 2023

 Dul and Nouk White

New album prémiere

Dul and Nouk White are a Madeiran band with a repertoire consisting of original themes that visit very different musical genres, such as rock, fado, blues, pop, jazz, and world music.

The project began in 2010, and is composed by Sandra Branco (voice, guitar, and piano), Fábio Gomes (keys), Cláudio Aguiar (bass), José Pereira (drums and percussion) and Fábio Menezes (lead guitar). Always daring, they create songs from their own core, or make their own the songs of others, recreating them with all the dedication, respect and care they deserve.

Dul and Nouk White officially present, at the L Concerts , their first album entitled “Orgânico”. The name suggests the whole authentic and genuine approach the band takes to create each song with all the artistic vulnerability that entails. Among Sandra Branco's lyrics, the album  will tell stories of Fernando Pessoa, Feiticeiro do Norte and Ornelas Teixeira. This album features the participation of musicians Szepesi László, Pedro Marques, Susana Freitas, Rui Caíres, Slobodan Sarcevic, and César Abrantes.

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