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02nd of August 2023

 SFISTIKATED / Ana Lua Caiano  - double  concert

For the first time at the L Concerts , we invite two artists to share the same stage on the same night. the first part being filled by Sfistikated, the  new work by João Marques (First Breath After Coma) and Roberto Oliveira (Whales), who recently played the first part of Alt-j in Campo Pequeno. The second part will be filled by the multi-instrumentalist and multidisciplinary artist Ana Lua Caiano, one of the new great promises of current Portuguese music.

Ana Lua Caiano explores musical fusion, through the combination of traditional Portuguese music with electronic music and “day-to-day sounds”. Creating melodies that refer to tradition - making use of choirs, harmonies and canons - in a union with synthesizers, beat-machines and sounds taken from everyday life, her music brings the traditional Portuguese heritage to the modern, electronic and technological world.

SFISTIkATEd was born from the desire to explore new sounds and aesthetics, from the love of music and friendship. With more than a handful of collaborations made across borders, they build, in an original way, connections between electronic music and pop and hip-hop, without escaping from conventional standards but challenging them with a touch of experimentalism and glitches.

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