27th of July 2024

Tristany Mundu

Responsible for one of the most disruptive albums in Portuguese music in 2020, Tristany, made himself known to the world through the album MEIA RIBA KALXA, a milestone in the maturity he reached as a music artist in the areas of MC/singer and producer.Transdisciplinary artist, musician, performer, visual artist, producer, creative director and curator, Tristany Mundu paints with his voice, illustrating the reality he lives in through his eyes and the eyes of those around him.

Born and raised on Linha de Sintra, in Lisbon, in 1995, Tristany Mundu is of Angolan and Portuguese origins. He is currently focused on his next album.Tristany Mundu debuted as a visual artist at the Interdências Exhibition, at the MAAT Museum. His song "Hinu Digra" was the inspiration for an audiovisual installation shown in 2022.In terms of Curation, in 2022, Tristany Mundu created the exhibition "Meia Riba Kalxa na boka mundu". With the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation for the production of artistic pieces, and Festival Iminente for its exhibition during the 4 days of the festival.

Tristany Mundu performed more than 30 concerts and presentations of the album Meia Riba Kalxa in several countries in Europe, according to Francisco Noronha from the newspaper Público “Meia Riba Kalxa is another small earthquake in Portuguese music and the culmination of three decades of inspiration and resilience of black suburbs of Greater Lisbon.”

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