12th of October 2024

Gisela João

Artistic Residence 

With an absolutely unique voice and timbre, Gisela João is a central figure and one of the most important performers in the history of Portuguese music, having been honoured with numerous awards, including Blitz, Time Out, Expresso and the Golden Globe for Best Performer in Portugal. She will be In an artistic residency in Ponta do Sol, Gisela João is preparing to release her new album.

A constant presence on national and international stages, with electrifying and unforgettable performances, Gisela João soon established herself in contemporary Fado following the traditional matrix, without deviations or artifices, delving into its genesis, its authenticity, without excesses or mannerisms, so that in the end remains genuine.

Gisela João released her third album, AuRora, in the spring of 2021, recorded between Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​produced by Michael League and co-produced by Nic Hard and the artist herself. This is her most personal and intimate record, where for the first time she reveals her skills as a lyricist and composer, singing not only as we expect her to sing, but going beyond anything we have heard her sing to date.

Miguel Esteves Cardoso said: “Amália Rodrigues was the great fado singer of the 20th century. (...) I know and feel, with the same strength, that Gisela João is the great fado singer of the 21st century.” And who are we to deny that?

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