Tanya Tagaq – July 06

Probably you never heard anything like this, Tanya Tagaq’s song is something unclassifiable, beautiful and at the same time obscure. We are talking about one of Canada’s most important artists, a winner of the Juno Awards or the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, having won that year alongside names like Arcade Fire and Drake.

Tanya Tagaq uses the secular tradition of the Inuit Vocal Game (the traditional song of the Eskimos) to compose, from a perfect technique of inhalation and exhalation. It fuses elements of punk rock, metal and electronic.

Her fifth album, released in March 2019, received great praise and critical attention from the international press, she was the cover of The Wire magazine in May of this year. Member of the Order of Canada, a status awarded only to the most important personalities of that country, in 2019 we can find her in the program 60 minutes of the American chain CBS.

Known for presenting intense, visceral and physical performances. Tanya Tagaq has toured the world, including Carnegie Hall in New York. Tanya will be responsible for the opening concert of the L Concerts.

Luedji Luna – July 17

From Salvador da Baía to the world, arrives one of the main contemporary voices in Brazil today. Luedji Luna conquered the critics and audiences with her debut album,” Um corpo no mundo”. Winner of several awards. Luedji is a woman, black, singer and a composer, and makes sure to bring the history, identity and the beauty that surrounds the black culture.

Her songs portray racial prejudice, feminism, female empowerment, especially of the black woman, portraying Afro-Brazilian culture, showing in her lyrics the Brazilian’s Africanism, singing about African-born religions. Their music mixes Afro-Brazilian rhythms, R & B, jazz and blues, as well as MPB.

The singer Luedji Luna is the new phenomenon of Brazilian popular music and conquered her space in important stages alongside with names like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento. Her videos already exceed 3.5 million views and she has been invited to perform at the most emblematic festivals in Brazil.

Luedji Luna puts Madeira on the map of her concerts for a night of strong rhythms in the first international tour that includes the renowned Montreal Jazz Festival, Casa da Música among many others.

Mão Morta – July 24

Over the last three decades, Mão Morta has always had a say in the direction of rock in Portugal. With a discography that adds more than 14 original records (to which live records or compilations are added), the Braga band has divided opinions, created some generational anthems and has a route where there are many curious episodes. One of them took place just before its formation, when Harry Crosby, then musician of the New Yorkers Swans, considered that Joaquim Pinto “had the face of a bass player”. This opinion, shared in Berlin sometime in 1984, after a concert by the American group, served as an incentive for Joaquim Pinto to be encouraged to learn to play bass and form a band. So Mão Morta band was born.

“Mão Morta,” the debut album, was released in 1988 and did not disappoint those who followed the group until then. The acclaim of the press, the adherence to the concerts that followed and even the praise of Nick Cave (for whom Mão Morta made the first parts in Lisbon and Porto that year) contributed to the start of the group’s discography done in the best way. It was a completely different record than it was then in Portugal.

Since then the Mão Morta has become one of the largest cult bands in Portugal and surroundings with major festivals such as Rock In Rio Lisbon, Alive, Paredes de Coura – where they have recurring presence – Primavera Sound Porto or Reverence and performances in Spain, France, Italy and Brazil.

In 2018 Mão Morta began to play excerpts of what they announced to be the next conceptual work, which debuted at the beginning of 2019 in a completely crowded room of Guidance – International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Guimarães. It was “No fim era frio”, a dance show created in cooperation with the choreographer Inês Jacques, and that besides the band includes the presence of six dancers. The song of the show, recorded in the studio, is the next album of originals, “No Fim Era o Frio”, scheduled for September 2019. Madeira will be one of the first places in the country to know the new work of originals, concert that precedes the official performances of the album in the big rooms in September in Portugal, a luxury, live in the L Concerts.

Lobos de Barro – July 31

Valter Lobo and André Barros are part of the new great values ​​of Portuguese music, both with solid careers but with very different paths, come together to create a record that is a tribute to the sonorities and Portuguese poetry with a unique emotion and sensitivity, gender and place.

Valter Lobo is one of the most important singer-songwriters of the new generation, presented us with great songs singing in Portuguese in two albums that immediately caught the attention of the playlists of the main programs of author of the national radios.

The composer and pianist André Barros, internationally distinguished, moves between the contemporary universe, the classic and the soundtracks. Winner of awards as the best soundtrack at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, for his work on the short film “Our Father” by Linda Palmer. With multiple albums edited, you can find his music in major international advertisements.

André Barros and Valter Lobo meet at the end of a party with a broken cake. They exchange songs and lend from themselves what is inherent in them, composing a new universe. This creation was presently witnessed by two clay wolves who adorned that chaotic room. André Barros plays piano and ethereal settings, melodies and ambiance. Valter Lobo the voice and the words. The “Lobos de Barro” embark on a ship with a sound as fragile as strong in a visceral exercise, turned inside out.

André Santos invites Salvador Sobral – August 14

It is already a tradition in the L Concerts, a night in which the well-known Madeira musician André Santos is the host and invites musicians of national reference to step on the stage of the Estalagem. This year’s edition brings us one of the most important names in Portugal, Salvador Sobral, winner of Eurovision in 2017 with the best score ever in the event. Salvador Sobral became one of the most desired musicians of the Portuguese and international public, having been awarded an EBBA Award, was considered the personality of the year by the newspaper Expresso. With two original albums in his own name and voice of the electronic rock project led by pianist Julio Resende – Alexander Search.

André Santos is one of the most active musicians of the national jazz, born in Madeira, already collaborated with musicians like Carlos Bica, Maria João, Teresa Salgueiro among many others. With 2 albums ‘Ponto de Partida’ and ‘Vitamina D’, the Mano a Mano project, with his brother (and also a guitarist) Bruno Santos, and, more recently, the Mutrama project.

In this concert, we will also have André Rosinha on bass and Joel Silva on drums. André Rosinha is a member of the band Salvador Sobral and last year released his first album in his own name very acclaimed by critics. Joel Silva is another very talented musician, musical producer of the second album of Salvador Sobral. In 2014 he released his first self-titled album titled “Geyser” which was rated 4.5 stars on All About Jazz and considered one of the great Jazz albums released in Portugal. An evening of musical sharing by jazz themes and others from the repertoire of each musician.

ZDB: Elias Bender Rønnenfelt & Gabriel Ferrandini – August 21

World premiere – Every year in the L Concerts one night is the responsibility of the known venue in Lisbon Galeria Zé dos Bois through Sérgio Hydalgo. This time they bring us a world premiere based on an artistic residency taking place in Ponta do Sol. Two musicians will prepare a new show that will premiere in Madeira and then go through a series of festivals and stages across Europe.

Elias Bender Ronnenfelt is a star of the independent European music, lead singer of one of the most important bands of Danish punk rock the Iceage, band that had all their studio albums nominated for the “Impala Best European Independent Album of the Year award” and who have been headlining in the most iconic festivals in Europe and the United States. Elias Bender is one of the most respected musicians in the industry today, front-man of other formations like the Marchind Church.

With him we have one of the most brilliant Portuguese drummers, Gabriel Ferrandini, member of bands like Rodrigo Amado Trio, Red Trio among others, quite respected in the international jazz circles. He has collaborated with renowned figures such as Rob Mazurek and Evan Parker among many others. Ferrandini obtained the admiration and recognition of great figures of music and press.

An unlikely meeting between a great voice of the European punk rock with the excellence of Portuguese free jazz in an absolute world premiere at the L Concerts.

Lonnie Holley – August 28

The L Concerts has been a true tribute to art and its spontaneous communion with its audience, Lonnie Holley is one of those artists who totally symbolizes this communion. A multifaceted artist who breathes art as a need to live, with a life story as impressive as his work.

Born in 1950 in Alabama, at the epicenter of a repressive south, he was one of 27 children, abandoned and raised by a burlesque dancer. A fire began her artistic life in 1979 where he carved tombstones for her sister’s two children, who died at home in this tragic event. Father of 15 children is today one of the great symbols of art of the United States of America.

Lonnie is a renowned American Sculptor, has exhibited at the White House and in important museums such as the Met or the Smithsonian Art Museum.

Lonnie Holley introduced to the world his first album in 2012 “just before music” and soon caught the attention of the critics like the Washington in the top 10 albums of the year. In 2013 followed the second album “keeping a record of it”.

In 2018 he released his most ambitious album “MITH” which had had the best press critics such as The Guardian, Pitchfork and The Quietus and recognition of musicians such as Bon Iver, Bill Callahan and Deerhunter. The Guardian considered MITH the best album of the year, a concert of pure poetry and American soul, simply not to be missed.

Silvia Pérez Cruz – September 4

Silvia Pérez Cruz has one of the most extraordinary voices in Spain today, winner of the Goya awards in 2012 and 2017 in the category “best original song”, best voice by the renowned Rolling Stone among many other awards, with sold out concerts around the world.

Daughter of the musicians Càstor Pérez Diz and Glòria Cruz I Torrellas, from a very young age studied solfeggio, classical piano, classical saxophone, and later graduated in jazz-singing at the Catalunya Superior School of Music. In 2012, she released her first solo album, titled “November 11”, very well received by critics, followed by three others, Granada in 2014, Domus in 2016 and Vestida de Nit in 2017.

The Spanish artist, with influences that go from jazz to flamenco, Spanish folklore among others. With a unique style, she has been recognized as one of the revelation voices of the Iberian Peninsula and I also quite loved in Latin America. It is impossible to remain indifferent to Silvia Perez Cruz’s versatile, extreme sensitivity and emotion. An evening that will be historic.

Binkbeats – September 14

National Premiere – Dutch producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer BINKBEATS, Frank Wienk,  translates organic sounds to amazing musical compositions. Wienk’s unique talent has earned him international acclaim and many followers with his Beats Unravelled video series. Having had praise from such artists as Radiohead’s Thome Yorke or Gaslamp Killer. He has developed his mastery of sound into his own vocabulary, producing compositions that transcend the realms of IDM, jazz, hip-hop, classical music, ambient pop, minimalism, and techno.

The famous software brand, Ableton, has used the work of Binkbeats as a reference,  producing an official concert of the brand with the artist. Binkbeats manages to control an entire orchestra of machines and instruments/objects in a single concert.

BINKBEATS caught the attention of the world with his Beats Unravelled-series which culminated in a sold out concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2015. Since then he released a number of original works with harmonics, melodic vocals, future jazz, bamboo percussion from Indonesia among many others. Themes such as Little Nerves already got more than 3 million views on youtube and recently was invited to work with Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams on CNN’s new documentary American Jail. A concert of pure creation, not be missed.

Legendary Tigerman – September 28

We close this year’s L Concerts with one of the biggest names in music in Portugal,The Legendary Tigerman alter-ego of Paulo Furtado. With a career of more than 15 years, 6 original albums, it received awards like Disco of the Year and reached the Platinum Award. It was released in Spain (one of the 2010 Discs of the Year for El Pais), France (included in the lists of the best Discs of the Year 2010 for the magazines Les Inrockuptibles, Rock & Folk and Telerama), Switzerland, USA, Canada among many others.
Legendary Tigerman is undoubtedly one of the most internationally renowned Portuguese artists. He was the first Portuguese to perform at the Trans Musicales Festival in Rennes, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England, USA, Japan (Fuji Rock Festival – 7 Shows in three days, the largest festival in the world), Brazil, Mexico, China.
In Portugal, he was in 2008, one of the special guests of the Festival Rock In Rio Lisboa. In January 2011 he sold out the Coliseum of Lisbon and Porto. But, The Legendary Tigerman is not just a musical project – here, the image, through (above all) cinema and photography, is as important as the music.

On January 19, 2018, arrives, the sixth album of originals, recorded in the mythical Rancho de La Luna studio. It was produced by Paulo Furtado and co-produced and mixed by Johnny Hostile, who works regularly with the Savages, while mastering was by John Davis (Nick Cave, Royal Blood, Led Zeppelin).
Legendary Tigerman presents himself in the L Concertos in a very particular way resulting from the dynamic between Paulo Furtado and João Cabrita, a luxury closing concert not to be missed.