Ceuzany – July 1st

To speak of Cape Verdean music is to speak of one of the most beloved and talented regions of Lusofonia. The L Concerts from the beginning have brought great names from the Country of Cesária Évora. This year we have the honor to have as the opening concert of the 2017 edition one of the most beautiful female voices of the archipelago, Ceuzany, considered the best voice of Cape Verde of 2017 in the CVMA and distinguished with the prize of best Traditional Music.

Daughter of father of the island of Fogo and mother of S. Vicente, has made Mindelo its house. Ceuzany is the lead singer of “Cordas do Sol”, the group that was the biggest sensation in Cape Verde in 2010, However, later she ventured into her solo album “Nha Vida”, released in 2013.

In the beginning of 2017 she released her second album called “Ilha d ‘Melodia”, where she explores a Mindelo that fits in the soul.

Ceuzany will perform with some musicians from “Cordas do Sol” an amazing tour that began on April 13 in Paul, on the magnificent Island of Santo Antão and then went to Europe. The last concert before returning to Cape Verde happens in the opening of the L Concerts, simply a must see.