24th of August 2022

Penelope Trappes

National première  - Penelope Trappes is an Australian vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter based in London.

Before going solo, Trappes was part of the electro-techno group Golden Filter,. It wasn't until she  moved to the UK in 2014 that she decided to go solo, into intensely personal and emotionally personal work; it is no coincidence that the visual art of the first album revolved around nude portraits of Trappes herself.

Since then Penolople has released a trilogy, Penelope Three is the final instalment of a trilogy of albums, following Penelope Two and Penelope One (plus a few more dreampop-oriented EPs, with gothic streaks, “shoegaze pop” and surrealistic soundscapes.

It could be argued that in 'Penelope One', Trappes explored aspects of birth and rebirth and the power of the female body, in 'Penelope Two' it was centred around the recognition of grief and how we carry our own stories of loss, 'Penelope Three ' is about healing the stories held in your body, indulging in universal love, all through vocal loops, piano, guitar and electronics.

The first single 'Puppets' debuted opening the Fendi SS17 fashion show. Pitchfork compares the third album's first single "Nervous" to FKA twigs, on the other hand says the song "Red Yellow" sounds like an updated version of Portishead's trip-hop sensuality.

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