17th of August 2022

ZDB apresents Tarta Relena

On the return of the L Concerts , we also return to our old partnerships, this time with Galeria Zé dos Bois, in Lisbon, now with a new curator, Marcos silva. Tonight they present one of the most interesting formations from Barcelona , Tarta Relena, a duo that challenges the oral tradition of the Mediterranean, transposing it to contemporary times and doing it in a unique way. Traditional and transgressive, it can be said that the work of Tarta Relena is unique.

A key tool is the electronics with which they reinvent the melodies without forgetting their origins. In Tarta Relena's work, there is also a desire to play with blurring the concept of authorship, bringing together anonymous traditional melodies and newly created songs, treating them in the same way and placing oral transmission, the central element of tradition, at the centre.

Ora Pro Nobis, their first album , in 2019, projected them to the world and to countless and breathtaking live performances. Mutek, Eurosonic, Primavera Sound and, more recently, in the latest edition of Le Guess Who?.

In 2021, they released Pack Pro Nobis, a double album that brings together previous recordings and remixes that expand this horizon even further.

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