13th of July 2022

André Santos invites António Zambujo

We start this year's edition of the L Concerts with one of the great names of Portuguese music, António Zambujo, invited by the well-known musician from Madeira André Santos. And what a beautiful way to start this edition, not only has it been a tradition since the beginning of the L Concerts in which André Santos invites a musician of national importance, but it was also in the L Concerts that António Zambujo made his debut in Madeira more than 10 years ago

António Zambujo is one of the greatest contemporary artists, authors and interpreters of Portuguese music and language, and one of its most notable ambassadors in the world. He recently released his ninth album. André Santos is perhaps one of the regional artists with the most national projection, in addition to his solo work, he has worked with artists of national importance such as Salvador Sobral, Carlos Bica, Teresa Salgueiro among many others.

“This year I invited António Zambujo. We are working together on a project that will debut in September and I decided to challenge you to sing with me on the best stage in the universe, paradise on earth, aka Estalagem da Ponta do Sol. He accepted without blinking an eye and we will be there, on the 13th of July, playing a vast repertoire, songs that we have in common and others that we will teach each other. It will be beautiful!"

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