03rd of August 2022

Lina _ Raul Refree

Raul and Lina are two incredible musicians and created an intense and deep musical relationship in a project that won the first edition of the Carlos do Carmo Award in 2021, were also nominated for several international awards including the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and was in first place. on the World Music Charts Europe.

Raül Refree understands what passion is all about and how it marks the voices, having signed the Los Angeles production, the album that put the international phenomenon Rosalía on the map. Surrounded by vintage synthesizers, by Moogs and Arps, by Oberheims and Rolands, but also with the piano very close, Raül framed Lina's voice in analog fog, leaving fado guitars in our imagination, but retaining all the strength of a throat. really loaded.

In this project the arrangements are extraordinary!

Refree, who has had a long career in the most challenging pop and as a producer has already signed dozens of works, from Sílvia Perez Cruz to El Niño de Elche or Lee Ranaldo, in addition to the aforementioned Rosalía, is an artist of extraordinary intuition.

Lina, whose voice has matured from her nights in fado houses, her own devotion to Amália and all the great voices she has heard, felt and studied, is a truly special artist.

This delivery offers another light to fado in the arrangements that Raül Refree prepared for him. Without tricks or filters, but with art and with an approach never before tried, dressing fado in an unprecedented electronic outfit that instead of distorting it only reinforces its universal condition.

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