Joyce Cândido – October 6

Joyce Cândido is one of the voices of the moment of the new generation of Samba and MPB. Praised by artists like Chico Buarque, Bibi Ferreira, Elza Soares and so many others, Joyce released five albums and had the patronage and applause of great names of Brazilian music. She has performed with big Samba names like Jorge Aragão and Touquinho.

In 2017 a received the distinction as one of the Ambassadors of Brazilian Music in the Press Award Japan.

Her second CD, O Bom e Velho Samba Novo, was produced by Alceu Maia, one of the biggest producers of samba today. An admirer of the singer’s work, this maestro and composer has already worked with Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Jorge Aragão.

This year, to celebrate a career of 12 years, she will do three tours, Brazil, a new Japanese tour and his sixth European tour.

We finish this year’s edition of L Concerts with the best pure samba in Brazil, in a night of good energy and happiness.

Sara Tavares – September 29

Sara Tavares is one of the most beloved voices of the Portuguese audience and presented us at the end of 2017 with one of the best national albums. This year she was invited by David Byrne to take the stage at the EDP Cool Jazz concert, won the CVMA 2018 for best performance and is headlining in many national festivals.

It is difficult to recognize the Sara Tavares that was revealed to us more than 20 years ago, in a journey that has 5 original albums, gold record, nominated as a Breakthrough Artist for the BBC World Music Awards in 2007, shared a stage with Joss Stone and Nelly Furtado among many others.

Her Cape Verdean roots, her love of soul and her ease with a melody contribute to create a true world music and the confirmation of a singer-songwriter capable of bridging Africa and Europe with a unique sensitivity.

After a few years without recording, Sara Tavares is back on albums with “Fitxadu” (closed in Creole. A must see concert.

Indignu – September 22

The Indignu are one of the most interesting post-rock bands in Portugal, through their guitars they bring the feeling of Portuguese nostalgia and emotion.

They return this year to the studio albums with Umbra, the fourth album that has collaborations with Manel Cruz and Ana Deus described by the band as the most carved so far. A disk wrapped in a twilight, with guitars in fury that invokes a collective memory of a tragedy that left pain and sadness in Portugal, the fires that devastated a significant part of the country.

A unique work, all with musical training, where the guitars and drums merge with violins, guitar with violin bow and piano. A universe that also leads us to the sound of musicians like The Edge or Robert Smith.

With several tours in Europe, it can be said that this is a classic case of Portuguese artists who play more abroad than in their own Country, they present themselves for the first time in Madeira in Concertos L.

Aisha Badru – September 15

New York singer-songwriter, Aisha Badru, blends influences of folk, pop, and alternative music to craft a distinct sound. With hushed vocals and an emotive undertone, her storytelling explores how that which once haunted her now empowers her.

Until somewhat recently, Aisha preferred the confines of her own bedroom for writing and recording music, but her deep desire to connect with people through her music eventually pushed her to share songs online.

A few fans turned into a few thousand fans and blogs started to take notice. She self-released her debut EP Vacancy in 2015, and soon caught the attention of the ad world when her beautifully moving song “Waiting Around” was selected for a Volkswagen viral campaign. Aisha has since released her full-length debut album ‘Pendulum’ on her new label home, Nettwerk Records.

Pyrit – September 1

After two years of hard work in his Parisian studio the second album of PYRIT, the project of the Swiss multi-instrumentalist Thomas Kuratli, is ready. Building from his first album “UFO” (2015), which tells of the transformation of a man into a machine, we are now locked inside this machine. Like a floating spirit, recollecting his experience as a human being, we end up roaming in this sonic maze, both prison and new world to be reclaimed.

It is within this context that our sensations collide in a coldly organized magma of sound. There, we meet the wounded ghosts of David Lynch, Portishead or Haxan Cloak, but the final result is deeply personal and innovative.

This wonderful album is ultimately a journey, without beginning nor end, where flesh and digital, concrete and abstract, anxiety and hope confront one another. It shakes our very foundations, consumes our emotions however, leaves us with a longing for more. In the end, this album moves us deeply, and to have seen it being born, being constructed, being deconstructed, being raised again and being transformed, moves us even more. So, we are very proud to present to you our newest sonic friend delivered to you by a friend who is very real.

Maria João & André Santos – August 22

André Santos, a well-known Madeiran guitarist from the L concerts, invites this year the magic of Maria João, an odd voice that fills the stage every time she steps on it.

Maria João is one of the unique names of the music and one of the most emblematic voices of the national jazz. She participated in the most prestigious jazz festivals in Europe, making Maria João one of the few Portuguese singers acclaimed abroad. Possessing a unique style, it has become a point of reference in the difficult and competitive field of improvised music with its remarkable vocal ability.

The paths of André and Maria João crossed in 2010, at the Superior School of Music of Lisbon, where a musical and personal empathy developed until both stepped onto the stage for the first time in 2017.

At the end of 2017, the partnership continued with the participation of Maria João in Mutrama, a project that revisits the traditional Madeiran songs, in which the guitarist, musical director, invited the singer to one of the songs.

Gonçalo Caboz – August 15

Gonçalo is from Madeira island and is currently studying at the Superior Music School in Lisbon, he has released an EP with a very interesting sound, environmental, sense and various influences. For us, it is an honor to be able to support the creatives of Madeira island who have the courage to launch originals with quality and their own.

In such a dynamic and restless society, there is almost no time to enjoy and seize the small and important moments in life. In this new EP Gonçalo Caboz tries, through the combination of different sounds and musical instruments, to tell a story based on this notion.

ZDB: Nadah El Shazly – August 11

The Galeria Zé dos Bois is one of the most important cultural institutions in Lisbon, besides the concert venue, the theater and the fine arts are already a national reference.

Every year ZDB presents a concert of its own schedule, on nights that the programmer of the Gallery, is the host.

This year we have one of the strong names of the Cairo Egypt underground scene, Nadah El Shazly, an Egyptian experimental artist who came to innovate the musical scene of her country.

Besides being a singer, songwriter and producer she is also a multi-instrumentalist.

He released his debut album, “Ahwar”, in November 2017, and was well received by critics and the public, made the cover of the prestigious Wire magazine this July 2018. A unique project that fuses traditional Arabic music with new sounds.

Edmar Castaneda & Gregoire Maret – August 1

Two big names of the music take part in this concert, Edmar Castaneda is the most recognized harpist in the world considered a genius in the instrument, Gregoire Maret is the most sought-after harmonica player among the great names of international music, winner of a Grammy.

Edmar Castaneda is from Columbia but has taken New York and the world with his harp virtuosity – revolutionizing the way the public and critics look at this instrument. Master in the realization of sublime rhythmic complexities. Although moving in the world of Jazz explores other genres with a unique mastery such as samba and other Latin American sounds.

His tours included presentations at Carnegie Hall and festivals as emblematic as the Montreal jazz festival. Gregoire Maret is one of the most sought-after musicians of the international jazz elite, he won a Grammy for best contemporary jazz album with Pat Metheny’s group and best musician of the year by the Association of Jazz Journalists.

He is also a member of the band of Herbie Hancock and made several tours with bassist Marcus Miller and played with Elton John and Prince. He was in Funchal Jazz in 2011 accompanying Cassandra Wilson, one of the great names of this edition.

This concert also has the participation of Colombian singer Andrea Tierra.

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Tatanka – July 18

Born in Sintra and the owner of an unmistakable charisma and voice, Tatanka became known as the lead singer of one of the most successful Portuguese bands – The Black Mamba.

In 2016 he started his solo career, in a more personal register and back to his roots, telling stories and presenting original themes in Portuguese. “Alfaiate” and “De Alma despida” were the first themes presented in May 2017.

In December of 2017, he made his solo prémiere at the Casa da Música, with a sold-out house, in a concert where he had several guests: António Zambujo, Miguel Araújo and Diego El Gavi.

Tatanka is now finalizing his debut album, to be released in the last quarter of this year and will present in Madeira in a must-see concert.

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