Marcelo Jeneci – 24 Sep

Marcelo Jeneci is one of the most important singers and composers of today ‘s Brazil . He released the first album in 2010 , “Feito para acabar” , and was considered one of the best 2010 albums by important press as Rolling Stone.

His second album launched in 2014 was nominated for the Latin Grammy awards for Best Brazilian music album and that same year received the award for “Best Composer ” by the respected Paulista Association of Art Critics .

We find in the music of Jeneci a different Brazil , more introspective , more universal but always with the Brazilian soul . strong lyrics and melodies makes Marcelo Jeneci a unique artist , a luxury closing concert , not to be missed.

Linda Martini – 17 Sep

In debut in Madeira , the rock Portuguese cult band brings new album released in 2016 which has already been referred as one of the best national albuns of this year .

There are various distinctions and awards as well as concerts in major festivals such as Super Bock Super Rock, Paredes de Coura, Primavera Sound Barcelona among others . They made the first part of such important artists as Sonic Youth or LCD Soundsystem .

With more than 10 years of existence, the band has always surprised and knew to innovate from album to album . If on the first album they had a post –rock sound, in “Casa Ocupada” they went more punk -hardcore scene. After that “Turbo Lento” brought a kind of synthesis of the two.

Sirumba is the fourth of Linda Martini, and like all others, is different. The noise is over. Now the sound is cleaner , lighter , more melodic but not necessarily more peaceful.

First Breath After Coma – 10 Set

After Leiria , Porto, Coimbra and CCB with sold out concerts with the presentation of the new album ” Drifter ” , the First Breath After Coma will perform in the stage of Estalagem da Ponta do Sol .

This Portuguese band bring their delicate post -rock . After the first album to be an auspicious surprise crossing of post -rock influence with the song format , the band worked on new experiences and formed the ” Drifter ” album released in 2016 .

When , in 2013 , they recorded a conceptual debut album they were far from thinking that songs like ” Escape” , “Shoes For Men With No Feet” or ” Apnea ” could reach the international radios and could lead to an extensive tour with a stop at festivals as Paredes de Coura, Bons Sons or Spanish Monkey Week.

Amelia Muge – 31 Ago

Amélia Muge is one of the most respected and prolific songwriter and singer of Portuguese music.
Camané, Ana Moura, Misia, Pedro Moutinho or Gateiros de Lisboa are just some of the artists for whom she has composed.
Her music mixes tradition and innovation. Starting from the Portuguese and African traditional music to achieve a great modernity. The music of Amelia Muge also stands out for the beauty of the lyrics of her songs.

Various distinctions have been assigned to her discography and poetic work and the intercultural aspect of her work has resulted in a series of collaborations with musicians from different countries being the latest to Greece with the wonderful project CD and concerts “Periplus,” considered by the important newspaper Expresso – Album of the Year (2012), and one of the year albums by the prestigious English Folk Roots magazine among others.
The best representation of the traditional Portuguese music for the first time in Madeira in the L Concerts.

Conner Youngblood – 17 Ago

Multi-instrumentalist Texas, Conner Youngblood makes its debut in Portugal in L Concerts, this artist has a very unique style where the electric guitar, electronic beats, melodic sounds, percussion, harp, clarinet and a very particular voice make his music something very special, with soul and sincerity.

We find in his music something very sophisticated and particular, with influences that can go bluegrass, a subtle hip hop, instrumental classical and folk.

According to Conner art is bound to be real and human and we can feels it in his music, a picture of atmospheric sounds that transports us to a mixed feeling of nostalgia and some sadness as well as joy, compared with the falling leaves in arrival of autumn or when birds fly south.

With over one million streams on Spotify, awards and concerts in the best festivals, including three concerts in the prestigious SXSW festival, a concert to dream.

Ceacilie Trier – CTM -10 Ago

Every year, Sergio Hydalgo, the main programmer of the quite known cultural venue in Lisbon, Zé dos Bois presents a concert: This year he brings us one of the artists of the moment of Denmark, Ceacilie Trier.

This artist has worked in various formations, and since it launched the first solo album in 2012, she received all the attention and praise of very important press as Pitckfork, the Quietus among many others.

Trier launched her new album in 2015, where we find a dark jazz to a pop mix, electronica, and even classical, electronic fuses with a classic cello and piano. Trier plays cello, sings and composes in her music, a fusion of the classical world with experimental and modern music where jazz and experimental pop is noticeable.

Trier is part of a new golden generation of Denmark which includes Mayhem scence in Copenhagen, a collective of artists that includes such important names as Marching Church, Puce Mary, Synd & Skam among others. A national premiere.

Guilherme Orfão & Wilson Correia – 03 Ago

Guilherme Orfão é um dos músicos madeirenses que melhor tem conseguido levar os instrumentos tradicionais da Madeira para novos formatos e sons modernos, na estreia do seu duo, Guilherme Órfão e Wilson Correia criam novas texturas ao som dos cordofones madeirenses e do piano, viajando por entre composições originais e alguns outros clássicos reinterpretados.

Guilherme tem um longo percurso nas escolas de música tradicionais da Madeira e já atuou em vários formatos nos melhores festivais da região. Recentemente tem divulgado os cordofones madeirenses por Portugal continental, passou pelo Sofar Sounds Lisboa e Porto, Trampolim, MusicBox, entre tantos outros.

Guilherme Orfão é compositor e intérprete, contando cerca de 20 composições, apresenta-se com outro músico da Madeira Wilson Correia que vem da escola do Jazz e que neste momento estuda na escola superior de música do Porto, um concerto totalmente madeirense.

Los Piranãs – 27 Jul

We present another group from South America, this time from Colombia and one of the most originals concerts of this edition . Los Piranas is an alternative band from Bogota that expands the popular South American music to psychedelic territories where distortion and other sounds mix with their traditions.

A meeting between lysergic obscure cumbia, fuzzy trance, some Afrobeat, sounds of Caribbean and uncontrolled computer, would be the possible way to explain the sound of Los Piranas.

Eblis Alvarez, Mario Galeano and Pedro Ojeda were exposed to more than twenty years of Latin American sounds that are still relegated to last place in tasteful matter and turned this whole universe in a modern Colombia but not necessarily consensual.

The Colombian trio takes the traditional musical heritage from South America to a new territory, strange, a “tropical noise.” On stage, humor, a lot of noise, little attachment to traditional norms and a frenetic pace. Impossible not to move your head from beginning to end.

Juana Molina – 20 Jul

On 20th July, takes place one of the most important concerts of this year edition with the première in Madeira of Juana Molina, one of the biggest stars of alternative music from Latin America and one of the most important names of the arts of Argentina.

The third album “Tres Cosas” was in the top ten albums of the year by the New York Times, and album “Second” won the best album award of the year by Entertainment Weekly, currently has six original albums and is preparing to launch later this year the seventh.

Its unique style already has be compared with big names like Bjork, Beth Orton or Lisa Germano, and has had the recognition of the press as Pitckfork or artists like David Byrne.

The loops of acoustic and electronic sounds and surrealistic lyrics are trademarks of their creations, situated between pop, folk, the electronic and experimental music, her music is always a sound exploration, an authentic event.